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Against the Grain

Meet Adam Watson from Against the Grain on Monday, February 25th, as part of the FFB Fringe! Click here for info and tickets to the event at Cloudwater Unit 9.

Since the beginning, Against the Grain has been throwing caution to the wind and making beer the way they want. It all started in 2011 with the opening of Louisville’s first brewer owned and operated brewery, Against the Grain Brewery and Smokehouse, in downtown Louisville. While that’s a nice accolade, owners Jerry Gnagy, Sam Cruz, Adam Watson, and Andrew Ott were after much more. They wanted to change the way beer was viewed in Louisville. From day one they promised to produce different beers all the time under an array of styles. This promise was extraordinary, impossible even, to those who believed pale ale should be pale ale and porter should be porter. They were told they couldn’t do it, but with a few crude names and quality liquid they proved everyone wrong.

Three years later they found themselves needing some elbow room outside of the brewpub downtown. In 2014, they bought a production facility in the Portland neighborhood of Louisville and began producing an eclectic line of canned and barrel-aged beers. They grew bigger, that’s a fact, but they never lost sight of their original promise. They looked to the packaging to tell the story of Against the Grain to with the world. Beers with the merit to laugh in the face of naysayers are now on shelves reaching all four corners of the globe.

To date, we've brewed three beers with Against The Grain - the apple pie-inspired Make Apple Pie Great Again, triple IPA Dad Jokes, and a Bourbon BA Kentucky Common.


Retitled, 5% Pilsner (vg)

Pile of Face, 6.5% IPA (vg)

Attila the Hen, 12% Double Rye Amber Ale aged in bourbon barrels (vg)

London Balling Amburana, 12.5% English-style Barley Wine aged with amburana wood in Angel's Envy bourbon barrels (vg)

Bo and Luke Peanut Butter, 13% Imperial Stout with peanut butter (vg)

Bo and Luke Grape Jelly, 13% Imperial Stout with grape jelly (vg)

* (vg) = vegan