Brew By Numbers' journey started when founders Tom and Dave met in China on a rock climbing tour around Asia and forged a solid friendship. When Dave returned to London after two years in the Antipodes, the pair committed to opening their own microbrewery, and built a simple homebrew kit in a friend’s basement.

They progressed quickly from those humble beginnings and through various experiments and a trip to Belgium, they forged an approach that continues to this day. Inspired by the hop-focused pale ales brewed by the likes of The Kernel, as well as traditional farmhouse styles, they have become renowned for both their juicy pales and refreshing, full-flavoured saisons.

Underpinning it all is a desire to create forward-thinking beers focusing on quality, balance and drinkability, whether developing new styles, adapting established ones, or bringing less well-known styles back into the limelight.

We visited Brew By Numbers at their Bermondsey brewery to create 70/01 Double Red in January 2018.