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As a cooperative brewery owned and run by its members, Boundary do things very differently to most. They started out in 2015 with 447 member-owners, with the aim of starting a brewery that their hometown of Belfast could be proud of - and they've certainly achieved that.

Their unconventional approach follows through into the beer, which brings together modern US craft beer influences with more traditional Belgian and French-style beers. They have set out to make their hoppy beers seriously hoppy, their stouts big, bold and decadent, and their sours and saisons unique, complex and often barrel-aged. Boundary have a small core range, but their creativity really comes to fore in the huge succession of specials and collaborations that have emerged from the brewery, including a number of barrel-aged Berliner Weisse, a chilli porter series, and pales with an ever-rotating roster of hops.

We worked with Boundary to create Waterfall, a DIPA brewed in Manchester in July 2018.