Loved, hated, revered, but always talked about. BrewDog have always been incredibly divisive, but their influence on the UK's modern, independent beer scene cannot be overstated. When James Watt and Martin Dickie started the brewery in 2007, the latter having gained strong brewing experience with Thornbridge, the beer landscape in this country looked very different. By applying ideas from US craft beer, alongside an uncompromising approach to branding, they helped to disrupt the status quo and establish new demand for unconventional, flavour-packed beers.

Since then, BrewDog have grown rapidly and flagship beers like Punk IPA have acted as gateways for a whole new generation of drinkers, whose eyes have been opened to the huge number of exciting and innovative breweries currently operating in this country. BrewDog have also used their influence to open new opportunities for independent brewers, playing a leading role in helping this niche market to continue growing. Recently, they opened a second brewery in Columbus, Ohio, as well as Overworks, a dedicated wild and sour ale facility led by the talented mind behind Wicked Weed's previous success, Richard Kilcullen.

We've worked with Brewdog on two collaborations to date, New England IPA and New England IPA v2, both brewed in 2017. We've also been invited to pour at their AGM on several occasions, sharing our beer with their Equity for Punks shareholders.


Cosmic Crush Raspberry, 5.8% Scottish Sour Ale fermented with raspberries (vg)

Photonic Boom, 6.5% IPA brewed for Friends & Family & Beer (vg)

Hocus Pocus (Overworks), 9.5% Sour Stout fermented with raspberries and cocoa nibs, aged in Speyside whisky barrels (vg)

Mangopolis, 6% Brut IPA with mango (vg)

Paradox Islay, 14% Imperial Stout aged in whiskey casks

BA Radio Zombie Phone In, 14.2% Imperial Stout (vg)

* (vg) = vegan