Brouwerij Kees

Kees Bubberman aims to make beers with a 'twist'. This giant Dutchman is particularly keen on fruity, hoppy flavours and strong dark ales, but always with 'something' special to make them stand out.

Drawing on his background as a chef, Kees has always experimented heavily with flavour, starting out as a brewer with Emelisse in 2007 before setting up Brouwerij Kees in 2015, and is constantly on the look-out for new tastes and inspirations. His imperial stouts and barley wines have become almost legendary, providing bags of flavour but also enviable layers of complexity and nuance - few brewers are better at creating big, malt-forward beers.

We have brewed three collaborations with Brouwerij Kees, including our Custard Porter in 2015, Raspberry Cream Ale the following year and an as yet unreleased imperial stout that is currently ageing in barrels.