Burnt Mill

Known for fresh and wonderfully-balanced hoppy beers, Burnt Mill Brewery have quickly become one of the most discussed breweries in the UK's modern beer scene, since starting brewing from a barn in the Suffolk countryside in 2017.

This rapid rise can be attributed in no small part to the talents of Head Brewer Sophie De Ronde, who applies years of experience as a brewing technologist and former head brewer at respected, cask-focused Essex brewery Brentwood. Exquisite balance is very much in evidence throughout Burnt Mill's range, allied with forward-thinking techniques and striking flavours. Green Path has fast emerged as one of the finest IPAs being brewed in this country, while gluten-free pale Steel Cut is impressively flavoursome and innovative.

Unfortunately, our first collaboration produced at our brewery left us with a gluten-free beer with a harsh hop bite that failed to settle even after weeks in package, leading us to dump the batch out of respect to our customers and Burnt Mill's solid reputation. Plans are currently being drawn up for a second run at the recipe, which we hope to release early in 2019.


Beyond the Firs, 4.8% Pale Ale (vg)

Citra Fog, 6.4% IPA (vg)

Aerial Fog, 6.4% IPA (vg)

Lying Low (w/ Cloudwater), 7.4% IPA (vg)

Glints Collide, 9% Baltic Porter (vg)

* (vg) = vegan