Dry & Bitter

Dry & Bitter's origins can be traced back to the opening of Fermentoren, a beer bar in Copenhagen. The brewery's founder Søren Parker Wagner opened Fermentoren in 2011 with his partner Jay Pollard and this was the beginning of a whole new beer adventure.

The next logical step seemed to be to start making beer as well as selling it, so when the opportunity came about to buy a brewery in 2015, Søren jumped at the chance. They started out with the ambition of brewing super fresh IPAs and this still remains true, with flagship beers like the Bale Ale series, Hobo Chic, Uprising and Dank & Juicy defining their approach.

Søren is also the man behind the fundraising initiative Hops Not Hate, which is a network of bars, bottle shops, distributors and breweries committed to raising money for charity through the enjoyment of beer. Two of the collabs we have brewed with Dry & Bitter were under the Hops Not Hate umbrella, Let There Be Love and Compassion IPA, but we've brewed a further two beers together, Mobile Speaker and Draining The Swamp.


Nightjar, 4.5% Dry Stout (vg)

Wrong Platform, 5.5% Pale Ale (vg)

Mangalore, 5.5% Kettle Sour with mango (vg)

Alchemy, 5.6% mixed fermentation Sour blended with raspberries and second wash black cherries (vg)

Juicy Gotcha Krazy, 8% DIPA (vg)

* (vg) = vegan