Pioneers in their home country of Sweden, Dugges were established by Mikael Dugge Engström back in 2005, initially with a focus on American styles. But a penchant for experimentation has led them down a slightly different path since and they are now best known for their flavour-packed, fruited sours and imperial stouts.

As one of the first craft breweries in Sweden, Dugges have been relied upon to push the boundaries and play a leading role in the growth and development of the country's nascent beer community.

Family is also important to them, as Dugge is actually a family name carried by two generations currently working at the brewery.

Three collaborations have emerged from our friendship with Dugges; our Vic Secret Sour IPA in 2017, followed by Pale Ale Pale Ale Pale Ale and Yummy Rummy later in the same year.


Tropic Thunder, 4.5% IPA (vg)

Red Layers, 6% 3 x raspberry Sour (vg)

Tonkanilla Mangorange, 6% Sour with orange, mango, tonka bean and vanilla (vg)

Fresh IPA, 7% IPA (vg)

Windmill & Airport, 11% Belgian Strong Ale aged in red wine barrels (vg)

Cocoa Cacao, 11.5% Imperial Stout with cacao, vanilla and coconut (vg)

Elegant Cacao, 11.5% Imperial Stout with chocolate, coconut and vanilla (vg)

Smoky Cacao, 14% Imperial Stout with cacao, vanilla and coconut aged in peated whisky barrels (vg)

* (vg) = vegan