Evil Twin

Evil Twin don't do conventional. From outrageous beers and audacious flavour combinations to the fact that, up to this point, they've not even had their own bricks and mortar, instead brewing at five different breweries around the world. Then there's the brewery name, which is founder Jeppe Jarnit-Bjergsø's way of humourously thumbing his nose at twin brother Mikkel Borg Bjergsø, the owner of Mikkeller no less.

Similar to his brother, Jeppe has been gypsy brewing since establishing Evil Twin in 2010 but all that's about to change, with an impressive new facility scheduled to open imminently in Queens, New York. It promises to be a home befitting their beers, which are renowned for being big and uncompromising, often taking somewhat left-field concepts and just making them work in the most spectacular way. Evil Twin are known primarily for their Imperial Stouts, including much loved beers Even More Jesus, Imperial Biscotti Break and Imperial Doughnut Break.

We invited Jeppe over to Manchester for our first collaboration in November 2018, a brut slushie inspired by an experiment he and our founder Paul Jones conducted at Trillium's Field Trip festival when Champagne was added to a slushie machine that already contained a fruited sour beer.