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Fonta Flora

Try Fonta Flora’s beer as part of a selection of wild and mixed fermentation beers as part of FFB Fringe on Wednesday, February 27th! Click here for more info and to purchase tickets for the event at Cloudwater Unit 9.

The soul of agriculture weaves with English tradition and Belgian inspiration in Fonta Flora's beer. They place emphasis on seasonal flora found throughout the stunning Appalachian mountains that are found on their doorstep in North Carolina. This respect of the immediate environment runs throughout their approach, as local artists are used to help conceptualize the notion that fermentation is yet another medium for creating art.

As a result, their creations are truly unique, making use of intriguing and little-known ingredients, such as kudzu flowers, paw paw fruit and false pennyroyal.

We collaborated with Fonta Flora on Fanny Pack Convention, a DDH mixed-culture saison brewed with native grapes that was released this year.


Whippoorwill, 4.5% Witbier with Earl Grey tea (vg)

NEBO Pilsner, 5.2% Pilsner-style Lager Beer (vg)

Torches Vol. II, 6.2% Mixed Culture Herbal Saison with mullein, nettles, catnip, holy basil and calendula (vg)

Carolina Custard, 6.4% Appalachian Wild Ale with paw paw fruit (vg)

18 AWAS Blend #3, 6.4% Blended Flanders Red(ish) with roasted figs and cherries (vg)

Appalachian Wild Ale Society 2018 Secret Blend #4, 6.4% Blended Appalachian Wild Ale (vg)

Blübade, 6.4% Appalachian Wild Ale with Blueberries (vg)

Steinbock (w/ Zillicoah Beer Co), 8.1% Stone Boiled Doppelbock-Style Lagerbier (vg)

Wolf Spit (w/ Half Acre),8.5% Baltic Porter (vg)

* (vg) = vegan