Fuerst Wiacek

One of two breweries invited to Friends & Family & Beer by our good friends Track, these Berlin-based gypsy brewers haven't taken long to gain the respect of their industry peers. Since their first brew at the end of 2016, they've become well known for seriously tasty New England IPAs, which means they are swimming against the tide in their native Germany, where lager still rules!

But that hasn't hampered them. They're currently on the look-out for permanent premises in Berlin but, in the meantime, are continuing to churn out a series of juicy treats, include collaborations with a number of the breweries attending Friends & Family & Beer. Dry & Bitter, Garage, Lervig, Magic Rock, Track and Wylam have all collaborated with Fuerst Wiacek over the past year and they say you're judged by the company you keep, so it stands them in incredibly good stead.


Fuzz, 6% Fruit Sour IPA with lactose, peach and passion fruit

Wrestling Volcanoes, 6.2% IPA (vg)

Sugar Spun, 6.4% IPA (vg)

Whirly Brain, 8% DIPA with lactose

* (vg) = vegan