Hill Farmstead

Vermont's Hill Farmstead was started in 2010 by Shaun Hill on his family's 230-year-old farm. The brewery's logo was retrieved from a sign that once hung in his great-great-great-grandfather's nearby tavern, in the early 1800s.

Hill Farmstead's approach is billed as the culmination of many years of travel and insight, of experience and education, of friendships and explorations. Shaun returned to Vermont to set up the brewery after honing his trade during stints at two breweries in Denmark.

The beers, which run the full stylistic gamut—hop-focused pales, farmhouse styles, oak-aged lagers, and barrel-aged wild ales—reflect an unwavering commitment to improvement and refinement, finding harmony between bold flavour and nuance. As a result, Hill Farmstead are regularly recognized as one of the best independent breweries in the world, and we're incredibly fortunate to welcome them to Manchester for a rare festival appearance.


Anna, 6.5% Saison with Vermont wildflower honey

Arthur, 6% Saison (vg)

Biere de Mars, 6% Amber Saison (vg)

Brother Soigné, 5% Saison with lime, hibiscus and blood orange (vg)

Clara, 4% Grisette (vg)

Convivial Suarez, 6% Saison with hibiscus (vg)

Dorothy, 7% Dry-hopped Saison with New Zealand and American hops (vg)

Florence, 5% Saison (vg)

Nordic Saison, 6.5% Saison with honey, heather, rose hips, rhubarb and wheat

* (vg) = vegan