Lervig set out to create great beer by working outside their comfort zone, combining a creative approach with the extensive brewing experience of a team led by brewmaster Mike Murphy.

When Mike arrived at Lervig in 2010, the brewery had spent the previous seven years of its existence producing only pilsner, but this rapidly changed once he started to put his own stamp on the beer.

Now, the story is very different. Lervig are known for their progressive, and often outlandish, creations underpinned by a core series of easy-drinking pales and lagers. As one of the first craft breweries in Norway, they have constantly strived to keep leading the country's beer scene forward.

Our three collaborations with Lervig are Black Forest Stout, There’s A Cold Beer In My Fridge, And I Need A Drink, and I Got Pils, Now What? all brewed in 2017.