Lost & Grounded

The UK's undoubted lager maestros are working hard to redefine what this group of classic styles mean to the country's drinkers. Partners Alex Troncoso and Annie Clements started the brewery in Bristol midway through 2016 with a focused core range of five beers, including two lagers, a traditional farmhouse ale, a red ale and a tripel. But easily the most recognisable of these beers is Keller Pils, which has emerged as their flagship beer and is helping to change drinkers' perceptions towards lager in a market that was previously sceptical.

Alex's brewing background includes a long stint at Little Creatures in Australia and time with Camden Town Brewery, but Annie can more than hold her own, having once beaten Alex in a homebrew competition! Lost and Grounded excel in producing beers that are clean, true to style and full of nuance and subtlety. There's an undeniable elegance to everything they produce and their focus on lager makes them an important brewery as the growing independent beer scene in the UK targets continued growth.

We've brewed two beers with Lost and Grounded down in Bristol, Another Lost Tuesday and Summer 18 No 1, and they joined us in Manchester for Loral And Ardi alongside Verdant.


Get Up and Boogie, 3.5% Berliner-style Weiss (vg)

Wanna Go To The Sun, 4.6% Pale Ale (vg)

Keller Pils, 4.8% Unfiltered Pilsner (vg)

Big Thaw (w/ Burnt Mill), 6.8% West Coast IPA (vg)

Marzen, 5.2% Marzen (vg)

* (vg) = vegan