Magic Rock

Local pride intertwined with a global view provided the foundation for Magic Rock. Born out of a strong, traditional ale scene in West Yorkshire, yet simultaneously influenced by the bold, innovative approach of US craft beer, the brewery was started by Richard Burhouse in 2011 using an old out-building of the family business - an importer of crystals and natural gifts in case you were wondering, hence the name! Working with Head Brewer Stuart Ross, Richard quickly succeeded in making Magic Rock one of the most distinctive and inspirational breweries in this country, yet still one of the most approachable, and they have played a crucial role in converting a large number of drinkers to British independent beer.

Core beers like High Wire and Cannonball played a key role in establishing new ideas about what 'pale and hoppy' could mean, while others, such as Rapture and Ringmaster, act as shining examples for the beauty of balanced cask beer. These beers are produced with enviable consistency as part of a large and varied core range and it is that refusal to let standards drop, coupled with a willingness to continually adopt new ideas, which ensures Magic Rock continue to be seen as one of the UK's leading lights. The success of Seshfest, their celebration of low-ABV beers, also acts as a major inspiration as we plan our own festival, showing how a strong concept and convivial atmosphere create a top-class experience.

We hosted Magic Rock to create the much-loved Three's Company in 2016 before making the return trip to brew Big Dipper later the same year.


Grower Owned (w/ Yakima Chief Hops), 6% IPA (vg)

Violaceous, 8% barrel-aged Sour with blackberries and blueberries (vg)

Liquid Piracy, 8% rum barrel-aged Imperial Porter (vg)

Liquid Piracy (chocolate and coconut), 8% rum barrel-aged Imperial Porter with chocolate and coconut (vg)

* (vg) = vegan