Modern Times

Modern Times describe themselves as an intrepid cadre of brewers, coffee roasters, and culinary wizards, named after a beautifully crazy utopian community founded in 1850 that attempted to create a less exploitative, more pleasurable world. Founder Jacob McKean chose this name due to a fascination with the colorful, ambitious little pockets of history that develop in the folds of progress, and the forgotten little paradises that barely register in the onward rush of civilization.

Modern Times attempts to be one of those pockets and almost all of their beers are named after real utopian experiments or mythological utopias. They are intent on creating aroma-driven, complex, flavorful, sessionish beers, but 'dankness' is also a common thread you'll find associated with Modern Times. They're certainly not an East Coast haze brewery, but they produce beers full of punchy hop flavours and sours loaded with tart and juicy fruits, alongside a range of other styles and category-defying mash-ups.

We've already brewed four beers with Modern Times - Lipids and Proteins and Biscuit Town in Manchester, as well as Roots of Coincidence and Echoic Memory in San Diego.


DDH Dinosaur World, 8% DIPA (vg)

Modem Tones with vanilla, 14.4% Imperial Dessert Stout with vanilla, aged in bourbon barrels (vg)

* (vg) = vegan