Brasserie du Mont Saleve

Located in mountainous eastern France, right on the border with Switzerland, Brasserie du Mont Salève have been one of the key players in the fight to establish independent brewing in a country fixated with wine, where previously only industrial lager has thrived. Founder and brewer Michaël Novo is a former chemist with a passion for hops, who started experimenting with recipes and ingredients in his kitchen before deciding to take the risk and open a brewery in 2010.

Mont Salève are one of the most innovative forces in the nascent French craft beer scene, but there's also a distinct classical accent in everything they do. This shines through in the art deco-influenced branding, but also in the choice of styles and ingredients, drawing inspiration from European brewing heritage before adding a unique twist. This is encapsulated in beers like their Sorachi Ace Bitter, a 2.5% pale beer that takes its lead from English tradition but uses a modern hop varietal known for its idiosyncratic flavour profile. Mont Salève also draw inspiration from the environment around them, using malts that are cultivated and malted by Les Malteurs d’Echo, a local cooperative, and experimenting with the use of wild yeast from grapes. We've produced two collaborations with Mont Salève drawing on this approach - Pompettes, which was a mixed-fermentation dry-hopped sour, and Pétillant Naturel Houblonnée, modelled on biodynamic Champagne.


Czech Nightmare, 5% mixed-fermentation blend (vg)

Blonde Sur Chasselas, 6% Wild Ale made using yeast from grapes (vg)

IPA Série #9, 6% IPA (vg)

Export Stout Cassis, 7% Dark Sour with blackcurrants (vg)

* (vg) = vegan