Northern Monk

The Northern stars of Northern Monk Brew Co are a force for creativity and progress in the British industry. Evoking the monastic brewing tradition of their Yorkshire home, they aim to combine the best of traditional monastic brewing values with a progressive approach to ingredients and techniques. Founder Russell Bisset and Head Brewer Brain Dickson quickly pushed the brewery to the forefront of the UK scene by creating beers that capture their northern roots, while showcasing big flavours and forward-thinking techniques.

Northern Monk also aim to support and showcase like-minded brands and creatives who share their vision of craftsmanship and quality, primarily through the Patrons Project, which has continually pushed creative boundaries. Northern Monk also host the incredible Hop City and Dark City festivals at their Refectory in Leeds, which have both acted as inspirations when planning our own bash. So far, we've brewed three beers with Northern Monk - Awkward Phase in 2017, along with Deya and Verdant, Hop City in the same year and Don't Mess With Manchester, which marked the opening of their Manchester Refectory.


Tropical Edge, 2.8% Light IPA with mango and passion fruit (vg)

Patrons Project 8.06: Vague, 4.5% Citra Light Lager (vg)

Patrons Project 15.01: Blues Run The Game (w/ J Wakefield), 6.4% blueberry and coconut Sour IPA

Patrons Project 2.07: Bare Bones, 6.8% DDH IPA (vg)

NMBCo x Wylam//Cloudwater//Verdant//Deya: Hop City 2019, 7% DDH IPA (vg)

NMBCo x Old Chimneys: Divine Right Of Kings, 9.1% Imperial Stout (vg)

Sticky Toffee Strannik (BA), 10% Imperial Stout

Patrons Project 1.05: Biscotti Stout, 10.5% dark cherry and coffee Biscotti Imperial Stout (vg)

* (vg) = vegan