Other Half

In 2014, Sam Richardson, Matt Monahan and Andrew Burman founded Other Half Brewing Company, a local brewery in New York City with a simple mission: to create beers that they wanted to drink from a company that they wanted to be a part of. Their vision was to build a passionate team that brewed great beers in the state of New York, done so with effort and thoughtfulness, to represent the 'other half' of the industry.

Known for hazy, juicy and full-flavoured IPAs, Other Half are also dedicated to collaborating with breweries both in New York as well as across the world in an effort to constantly move the industry forward while elevating the craft. They believe that local breweries play an important role in their communities, which is why they partner with these other likeminded brewers in local nabes across the country and the world.

Fitingly, then, we've collaborated with Other Half more than any other brewery, creating Tremendous Ideas and TM Life at our Manchester brewery and a further seven in New York.


Swedes in Heat (w/ Stockholm Brewing Co), 4.6%
Kolsch with lactose, pineapple and coconut.

Imaginary Greenscapes (w/ Cloudwater), 7.9% DIPA

Like Woah (w/ Trillium), 7.9% DIPA (vg)

Einstein's Daydream (w/ Equilibrium), 8% Imperial Oat Cream IPA

Twice Baked Potato With Sour Cream (w/ Monkish), 8% Imperial Oat Cream IPA

Florida Plates (w/ J Wakefield), 8.3% Imperial Spelt Cream IPA with peach and pineapple

All Dank Everything (w/ Cellarmaker), 8.3% DIPA (vg)

Fully Frothed (w/ Half Acre), 8.5% DIPA (vg)

DDH All Citra Everything, 8.5% DIPA (vg)

All Infinity Everthing (w/ Sand City), 9% DIPA (vg)

4th Anniversary DIPA, 10% Quadruple Dry Hopped DIPA (vg)

5th Anniversary DIPA, 10% Quintuple Dry Hopped DIPA (vg)

BA Bad Decisions (w/ Cloudwater), 13% Bourbon BA Imperial Stout w/ coconut, cacao nibs, cinnamon and ancho peppers (vg)

Cookie Kooks (w/ Omnipollo), 15% Imperial Stout with toasted pretzels, potato chips, caramel sauce, cacao nibs, corn flakes, graham crackers, Golden Grahams, Cinnamon Toast Crunch, coffee, and toasted oats

All 5th Anniversary Everything, 17% Imperial Stout

* (vg) = vegan