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Started in 2010 as the brainchild of renowned electronica DJ and producer Brian Strumke, Sillwater Artisanal is far from a conventional brewery. Drawing on his experience of using various recording studios to produce music, Brian became one of the world's first gypsy brewers, creating beers at other breweries around the world rather than owning his own facility.

Designing nouveau translations of existing beer styles, Stillwater became known for their often odd concoctions and unconventional brewing methods, making heavy use of herbs, spices and wild yeasts. Little has changed on that front. Beers like Moneytree$, a Gose-style Session India Pale Ale, highlight an unwillingness to stick to existing style guidelines, and in-keeping with this attitude, we collaborated with Stillwater to create a fruited sour pilsner, Tangible Object, this year.

Stillwater are about more than just beer though, operating as an art project/collective where collaborations with other like-minded visionaries lead to boundary-pushing concepts and creations. This was highlighted by their recent collaboration with rapper Action Bronson to create 7000, a dry-hopped sour with muscat grapes, designed to evoke the natural wines that Bronson loves.


Action Bronson’s 7000, 4.5% Dry-hopped Sour with Muscat grapes (vg)

Insetto, 5% Dry-hopped sour with Italian plum (vg)

Password, 8% DIPA (vg)

Loaf, 8% DIPA (vg)

Please Take A Number, 8% DIPA (vg)

Retail, 8% DIPA (vg)

Preternatural Series, 8.3% Barrel-aged Farmhouse Ale (vg)

* (vg) = vegan