The Veil

It's remarkable to think The Veil only opened their doors in April 2016, given the reputation the brewery has developed in that very short time. The trio of Matt Tarpey, Dustin Durrance and Dave Michelow started it up but Matt is the brewing mastermind behind the beer, bringing with him an impressive CV that includes stints at Hill Farmstead and The Alchemist, as well as a couple of short internships at Cantillon. In fact, the Richmon, VA brewery's name is taken directly from Cantillon owner/brewer Jean Van Roy's explanation that winemakers in the natural wine industry refer to the pellicle that forms over wild-fermented beer as 'the veil'.

Unsurprisingly, considering Matt's rich and varied brewing background, The Veil cover a wide range of styles and approaches through their output, releasing everything from hop-focused pales and IPAs to lagers, barrel-aged beers, and spontaneously-fermented beers made using the on-site coolship. Their double and triple IPAs - including whiteferrari and, of course, Chubbles - often garner the most attention but they've also gained popularity from fruited kettle sours such as Never Never Again Again and the recent Tastee range.

Many of you will already know we have worked together on several versions of the infamous TIPA Chubbles, but we've also collaborated on Pineapple, Taco, and Cat, while The Veil recently created a beer in honour of our founder Paul Jones, called Paul From Cloudwater.


Never Never Giveup Giveup, 5.1% Blackberry and Passion Fruit Gose (vg)

VAST: Three, 5.6% Blended Sour with peaches (vg)

IdontwanttoBU³, 6.9% Triple Dry Hopped 0 IBU IPA (vg)

Vanilla/Cocoa Nib Hornswoggler, 7% Chocolate Milk Stout with vanilla and cocoa nibs

Maple/Coconut Hornswoggler, 7% Chocolate Milk Stout with maple and coconut

Tefnut (collaboration with Omnipollo)

Chubbles (collaboration with Cloudwater), 10.9% Triple IPA (vg)

We Ded Mon, 11% Triple IPA single hopped with Citra (vg)

Bourbon Distant, 12.5% Bourbon BA Imperial Stout with sweet cherries (vg)

* (vg) = vegan