We are delighted to have beer from TRVE as part of the FFB Fringe event at Unit 9 on Wednesday, the 27th! Get involved for a tasting of wild and mixed fermentation beers, as well as a discussion from Robert Percival from Lallemand by getting tickets here.

Self-confessed 'style blasphemers and category agnostics', TRVE create beers that can't always be easily defined. When Nick Nunns set up the Denver brewery in 2012, they swam against the tide in the Mile High City - a place that was defined more by hop-focused beers and an outdoorsy attitude. TRVE brought darkness where there was once only light.

Billed as a heavy metal brewery, they name many of their beers after metal bands and songs, and make heavy use of the imagery and design associated with the genre. But their beers are usually anything but black and instead focus on reinterpretations of European farmhouse tradition, putting a twist on classic saisons and barrel-aged sours. Unusually, their core range is made up entirely of farmhouse-influenced beers - including an oak-fermented, dry-hopped saison and a mixed-culture sour pale ale - and, even more unusually for these styles, they're all can conditioned, undergoing refermentation in the can. TRVE don't play by the normal rules.