Hop deviants Verdant Brewing Co. have been hazing a trail from Falmouth in Cornwall since 2014, and have been creating fruity, crushable brews at their current site since 2016. Adam and James started out as homebrewers desperate to get better access to more hop-forward beers, than they could get in any of their locals, but plans accelerated after they took a clone of Russian River's Pliny The Elder to Small Bar in Bristol and, after a few drinks, bullied the staff into trying the beer in front of them. They were so pleasantly surprised that they promised to buy Adam and James' beer if they ever went pro.

It became clear what the duo had to do and they set up Verdant to brew things their way, creating the beers they enjoy drinking. Since then, they have experienced a meteoric rise in popularity, becoming one of this country's undoubted forerunners in the creation of hazy, juicy pales and IPAs. We have collaborated with them on three beers thus far: Awkward Phase in 2017 with Northern Monk and Deya, Swifts or Swallows? and New West in 2018.


Quiet Charge, 4% Pale Ale (vg)

MaryLou, 5.2% Pale Ale (vg)

Safety Flares, 5.2% Pale Ale (vg)

Neal Gets Things Done, 6.5% IPA (vg)

Even Sharks Need Water, 6.5% IPA (vg)

People Do Odd Things, 8% DIPA (vg)

Putty, 8% DIPA (vg)

* (vg) = vegan