2020 Volunteer Form


This form is for anyone wanting to volunteer at Cloudwater's Friends & Family & Beer Festival over Friday and Saturday, the 21st and 22nd February 2020. This is a not for profit beer festival being held at Manchester Central, Windmill St, M2 3GX.

The shifts will be 5 hours, 45 minutes long in total. In return, you will be offered a ticket to a session, a volunteer t-shirt and a food token (redeemable for one meal at one of our food vendors) for your efforts. You will of course also have a 20 minute break - please make sure you take this! We recommend around halfway through your session as the most sensible option. Talk to your fellow volunteers, brewery representative etc to arrange the best time to take your break as we obviously can't have everyone going on their break at the same time!

We kindly ask that volunteers act professionally at all times. We want you to get to know what you are selling, and will be provided with tasting glasses. Please remember that this is classed as a working shift, so anyone deemed to be abusing the drinks on offer may have their attendance session revoked.

We are working on a first-come, first-serve basis with volunteers. If your chosen session already has our required number of volunteers, we will do our best to offer you another session to volunteer at, although we are expecting them to fill up quickly.

Please note that sessions will be very busy, and you will be standing for most of it (wear some comfortable shoes), and that some lifting of kegs and cases may be required. If you have any limitations, we please ask you to give us as much information as possible, so we can ensure you have the best fit in our volunteer team.


Working, and Your Session

There are 3 sessions available to work, and to drink. One on the Friday, and two on the Saturday. We realise that some sessions will be more popular than others, and as mentioned before, we will operate on a first-come, first-served basis.

During your working session, you will be expected to pour drinks, clean and keep areas tidy, engage with the customers and brewers, and just generally contribute to a great festival atmosphere!

Your shift includes a brief at the beginning, and clean down at the end.

Please note, Friday 21st, 5.15pm - 11pm and Saturday 22nd, 10.15am - 4pm is now FULL for volunteers, and Saturday 22nd, 5pm - 9.30pm is FULL for attendees, so we’ve taken the option away to select them.

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